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About Heilsa Recruitment

Heilsa Recruitment Ltd is a recruitment agency founded in 2020 by Vas Georgiou - an experienced and qualified HR Professional with Recruitment Advisory experience.

Our agency's mission is to break recruitment barriers that companies are facing by supporting them in recruiting talent that supports their long-term objectives whilst delivering professional HR-based recruitment advice and services.

Why Heilsa Recruitment Ltd?
(don't read it just from us, see below recommendations from clients - here)

1. No more high agency fees.

No employer should pay a 20-25% fee for a permanent hire. Why? Because it is not feasible to continue paying such fees in the long term! 

We charge our clients depending on the role/roles we will be working on, location, team size, and current financial situation. 

It is unrealistic to expect companies to use a service that costs way above their average cost per hire.

2. Effective Communication

Transparent and frequent communication is the key to what we do.

We enjoy keeping our clients continuously involved in the process of a recruitment campaign - number of applications, quality of applications, the candidate's application process, the candidate's concerns/questions, etc.

Expectations are set very transparently when effective and honest communication is applied.

3. Work with an agency with an HR background

Vas Georgiou with is the Owner and Director of Heilsa Recruitment Ltd has extensive experience in Human Resources. 

The agency has been built on HR values and ethics, which allows us to approach each client with a tailored package, to fit their needs and can support their long-term objectives.

Our Team


Vas Georgiou

Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Joana Marques

Recruitment Consultant

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