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Recruitment & Headhunting

Our recruitment and headhunting services offer a tailored approach to help organizations find exceptional talent.

Leveraging our extensive networks and industry expertise, we identify and attract candidates who possess the skills and experience needed to excel in key positions.

With a focus on personalised assessments and interviews, we ensure the perfect match between candidates and our clients' specific requirements. Our services streamline the hiring process, enabling companies to build high-performing teams and drive long-term success.

EoR Services (Employer of Record)

Unlocking global opportunities for businesses, our comprehensive Employer of Record (EoR) services extend across more than 30 countries.

With our expertise, companies can navigate complex international employment regulations seamlessly.

As a trusted partner, we assume the legal and administrative responsibilities of employing local talent, handling payroll, tax compliance, benefits, and more.

Recruitment Department Outsourcing

Our outsourcing recruitment department services revolutionise the way companies worldwide approach talent acquisition. As an extension of your organisation, we seamlessly integrate into your operations to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. Our team of seasoned experts brings unrivalled industry knowledge, leveraging cutting-edge technology and best practices to attract, assess, and onboard top talent.


 We provide cost-effective solutions, allowing you to optimise resources, increase efficiency, and drive business growth. With our worldwide presence and global expertise, we are your strategic partner in building high-performing teams that propel your organisation forward.

Our Team


Vas Georgiou

Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Joana Marques

Recruitment Consultant

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